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It is always good to know a thing or two about a company you are dealing with.

While operating a shared accommodation business, one of the major hurdles encountered was
keeping the home appliances functioning at full capacity. These issues ranged from broken washings machines and cookers to refrigerators and A/C malfunctions, which amounted to undesirable expenses as a result of movement and maintenance of appliances to and from the apartments on a monthly basis.

Breakdowns came at a very high cost and in the midst of all these uncertainties; a magnificent idea was born… “Quick and efficient home repairs and installation services at a modest rate” and the best A/C and refrigerator technicians have been hired to make this dream a reality.

In order, to reach a wide range of potential customers, our company profile and complimentary cards were printed and distributed to almost every business or household, emphasizing our “Quick and efficient home repairs and installation services at a modest rate”. This generated a lot of inquiries from both businesses and households. When asked how they got to know about our services, most indicated from restaurants and, laundry and groceries employees. Unfortunately, the flyers were printed on A5 size paper as a result of limited funds.

Being the new kid on the block in the technical services industry, with little or no experience, I took up the challenge to learn from my technicians to effectively communicate with customers,
Encouraging them to let us solve the problem first before discussing any charges.

CSU is committed to providing sublime technical services at your doorsteps and an affordable rate. Exceeding customer expectations is in our DNA, for a happy customer radiates our future.

Our team is committed to solving the problem with their excellence. In simple words, our priority is to build trust.


We Always Give Customers Hope.

Eidurrehman Mana Customer

I was having tough time from my refrigerator but cooing services UAE came and given the solution at my home with very reasonable charges. Highly recommended.

Fatah Furniture Customer

I have booked an appointment for ac service and gas filling. Charges were very economical and service is fast.

Rashid Ta Customer

Good service and professional staff 😊😊

منصور الرفاعي Customer

سرعة في العنل اتقان وامانة

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